Choose Your Own Adventure: Earthseed Community (non-interactive)

In the distant future, global warming overwhelms the world. Famine occurs and food shortages cause wars to break out in densely populated regions of the globe. Many of these regions include a disproportionate amount of people of color living in impoverished communities. The conditions of their environment induce violence and rising hostility, forcing many to seek shelter and protection elsewhere.

In the United States, the government believes that overpopulation is the primary reason why global warming has occurred. With the lack of representation of POC in office, Black Americans become potential victims of mass genocide in order to “reset” the population. Many had already fled the country in order to find an Earthseed Community before the genocide took place. Other Black communities have found refuge within the Earthseed.

Quote two (2) Earthseed verses from Parable of the Sower and show how you will apply them to your community. You may be creative in your interpretation.

“All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God Is Change.”

Change is important for the survival of the community. They recognize their own power and influence based on the decisions they make. These decisions can sometimes be the only way to move forward.

“Embrace diversity. Unite — Or be divided, robbed, ruled, killed By those who see you as prey. Embrace diversity Or be destroyed.”

This quote serves as a warning for the community as they would be repeating the same mistakes made by the rest of the world. The purpose of the Earthseed community is to be a safe haven.

You have finally gathered enough people for your Earthseed community. Where will you establish your community?

A. Underground 🙆🏾‍♀️

B. Liberia

C. Stay in the United States 🥴

D. A private island 🏝

Liberia would be an ideal location for the Earthseed community based on its history of once being as a homeland for freed U.S. slaves.

More people are becoming aware of your community and wish to join. Many of your people, however, are still fearful of outsiders. Will you allow new members?

A. No

B. Maybe; anyone is free to join the community, but we must be wary of outsiders, especially from the United States (which proposed mass genocide) as their intentions are unknown.

C. Yes

Choosing to be wary has paid off as imposters were discovered and those who proved that they were trustworthy contributed to the community’s growth.

The community begins to grow and you realize that you need to change your leadership model. Which famous leader are you basing your model on?

A. Swami Vivekananda

B. George W. Bush 🤢

C. Karl Marx

D. just anarchy lol

Communism has proven to work for the community: it has quickly mobilized economic and social goals on a large scale as the welfare of the entire community has become the main priority.

The global war has depleted many resources, including sources for electricity. What will you invent to help sustain your Earthseed community? (Type in answer)

Sporting goods (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) that can produce electricity while being used would be useful for the community. It promotes a healthy lifestyle while also providing power and energy to sustain the community. It would also allow the community to bond.

How else will you be able to improve your community? (Type in answer)

Community housing spaces would be built and education will focus more on building useful skills and encourage people to find their interests.

Years pass by and you find yourself reflecting on the community that you’ve established. How do you think the legacy of the Earthseed will survive? (Type in answer)

The legacy of the Earthseed community would survive through storytelling and written books.

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