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I no get time for juju…

Low budget CGI. Inconsistent audio quality (especially during movie previews). Overacting. Even though they were far from perfect, old school Nollywood films will always have a special place in my heart.

With the re-emergence of Nollywood Y2K fashion and music, I decided to watch many movies from my childhood. Thanks to Youtube, I was able to find them all (although the movie titles would appear as ‘BEYONCE AND RIHANNA “TWO BEAUTIES AT WAR” OMOTOLA VS. NADIA — BLOCKBUSTER NOLLYWOOD NIGERIAN MOVIE’), including a few classic horror films.

Juju (a spiritual belief system primarily practiced…

A little bit of melanin in the undead wouldn’t hurt…

The Blade trilogy is arguably the highest-grossing franchise in the vampire horror genre with a Black protagonist.

Quick! Name a mainstream Black vampire movie (and no, I’ve already mentioned that one above)! It’s not your fault if you can’t: Black folks have often been excluded from fantasy and horror, particularly in the realm of vampire mythology. Even when we are included, it’s extremely rare to see us as protagonists or having a large role within these films.

The Blaxploitation Era

… and it never will be (even in an alternative universe).

The 1995 American racial allegory White Man’s Burden is an “answer” to the cliched question of “bUt WhAt If ThE rOlEs WeRe ReVeRsEd?” [referring to the social and economic positions of Black people and White people in America]. Black people have the wealth and the power while White people are impoverished.

The premise of White Man’s Burden involves John Travolta’s character Louis, a worker at a candy factory who is asked to deliver a package to the home of the wealthy CEO of the factory, Harry Belafonte’s character Thaddeus…

In the distant future, global warming overwhelms the world. Famine occurs and food shortages cause wars to break out in densely populated regions of the globe. Many of these regions include a disproportionate amount of people of color living in impoverished communities. The conditions of their environment induce violence and rising hostility, forcing many to seek shelter and protection elsewhere.

In the United States, the government believes that overpopulation is the primary reason why global warming has occurred. With the lack of representation of POC in office, Black Americans become potential victims of mass genocide in order to “reset” the…

This was (and still is) one of the funniest Spongebob scenes for me. The Krusty Krab went bankrupt and lost business due to the attempted sale of a rancid patty (and giving away amenities such as free refills). Desperate to restore his restaurant (and knowing how extremely cheap Mr. Krabs is), he attempts to sell Spongebob’s soul to the Flying Dutchman.

Council meeting after a conversation with Space Traders (notice that there is only one Black person in this scene.)

White conservatives did the same to Black Americans in Derrick Bell’s 1994 short, The Space Traders. The story narrates the opinions held by different people including a council comprising of mostly White members deciding the fate of Black…

Mercy Eme

just here to write about anything lol

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